40 golden sentences for flirting with young women, full of routine and humor

1. Let’s measure together, how long is a lifetime, OK?
2. I’m going to be a vegetarian. Why? Because you’re my type
3. I love him and she formed a sentence, can not add the word, subtract the word I love him and she? No, he loves her. What about me? I love you
4. Play a reasoning game with you, a family of three, husband, wife, children. One day, the child is killed, the murderer is not the wife. Which one of these three is that? My husband is a good boy
Online flirtation sister dirty routine sentences, 10 lines of dialogue to the bone
5. Do you know how many people there are in the whole world
6 Do you like me ah always depend on my heart can not go
7. Remember who you are What I am You are mine!
8. From now on, I pack your lipstick, remember to return a little bit every day.
9. It’s time to pay the rent. Rent has been in my heart for so long
10. I used to tell the world something good, but now I think it’s enough to tell you. What do you mean you mean the world to me.
11. I have only one travel plan this year. What’s the plan? Yeah, see you.
12. What are you? I am born in the year of ox. You ask me. What are you? I belong to you.
13 Accompany you wave a lot of people, but accompany you stuffy only me, those people will become a traveler, but my heart has been the position to give you empty.
14. Do you know you have two lovely place that two is you cute, another is I cute you cute is not a long-term solution, cute me you are a long-term solution.
15. The tiger is not angry, you think I… .Be my girlfriend
17. Will you like me? No, then I’ll teach you!
18. Am I important? No matter how heavy it is.
19. Please watch your mouth. Why? Because I’ll kiss it anytime.
20. It’s good that you’re fat again. I can like you, one more circle.

21 high cold I never seconds back to others. Then why do you keep calling me back. You’re not someone else.
22. Please use, I ox grass eat four words to make a sentence I eat ox grass. Silly ah, is: cattle eat grass that I. You are in my heart.
23. Want to see the stars? I miss you. (Stars will fall.)
24. When is a maiden tired to be my wife
25. I think I’ve seen you before Where are you on my marriage certificate
26. Do you know why you’re so cold? Because you don’t have a warm girlfriend like me
27. I will look at you this face so handsome is hit me
28. If you’re reading this, it means you like me. If you want to deny it, then why are you still reading it
29. Where are you going in this cold weather? Go to your heart
30. Do you like candy? Why are you so sweet? / No wonder you’re so sweet.
31 give you a magic, well, has changed, but I can’t see anything! I like you even more.
32. Do you know why you are taller than me? Why? Because God knows a boy should bow to his wife.
33 like you become a gambler, every day in the bet you will not find me today.
34. Guess where my heart is? Definitely the left. No, my heart is on your side.
35. Do you think it’s feminine for boys to wear nail polish? Oh, my God. I’m here, my little girl.
36. Some time ago there was a TV play called Destiny What was it? I love you. I love you, too.

37. One universe, eight planets, islands, countries and regions, and you can’t even find a date. What? I still use a date? Do you have any? I have, “he said, picking up the object from the chess set.
38. If you wake up one day and find yourself in a red house. That’s terrible. I don’t want it. No Windows, no doors, walls on all sides. Where do you think you are? I don’t know. Is it in a carton? No, it was in my heart.
39. I think you must be a cone. Why do you say that
40. Do you know who I have a crush on all the time? If you don’t know, go back to the first word I wrote.