Am I wrong to go Dutch on a blind date and pay for dinner?


After someone introduced a blind date girl, because added friends also hardly contact, the middleman can not sit still, want us to meet to find the feeling. I was not afraid to say yes, but at least I was not impolite. But the blind date girl just sat down and looked at her phone. I asked her most of the things I said were just a little, how could I sit there? Am I wrong to pay for dinner by asking for a girl to go Dutch?
My logic is simple. If you don’t even look at me, and you don’t have the proper manners, why should I pay for your dinner?


There may be a lot of people spray you, say you have no manners, and a girl should not care about the cost of dinner, is not appropriate on the euphemism refused, there is no need to make so embarrassing. But my point of view is different. I’m with you!
It’s like someone stepped on you and didn’t say they were sorry. Some people insist on an apology and hold on until they end up fighting. Some people just laugh it off, not with such impolite people common understanding, lest they waste time and angry. Different ideas, different practices.
I think you’re just being angry. Be angry with her — disrespect you. Get mad at the references — introduce everyone. And angry with myself — never should have come. All in all, it broke out in the form of going Dutch.
For yourself, I think it’s fine. Don’t let yourself be wronged to please people who are not like you. For blind date girls and referees, it doesn’t matter that much. They have their own problems that are beyond your jurisdiction, whether they are happy or not.
And it doesn’t matter how much money you spend, you feel better when you spend it well. We don’t need the money, but we just don’t want to spend our money on people like that.

“Since we made friends and barely kept in touch with each other, the middleman couldn’t sit still and asked us to meet to find out how we felt.” Why are middlemen so enthusiastic and proactive? You get a commission for the job? I don’t know what the relationship is with this introducer and which side? Maybe I’m just obsessive-compulsive, and I’m more concerned about this than you two clients, otherwise I won’t be able to eat, so I want to see the result as soon as possible.
But I don’t know whether you and the blind date girl are too reserved, or both of you to the heart of the blind date, add friends and barely contact, it is really very boring. Maybe both of them went to dinner to show respect to the introducer. But if we’re all here, we should show some respect. These days, not using your phone is a sign of respect.
But “the result of meeting me to say hello or order food, or behavior, I do not feel that there is a problem, although I dare not say good, but at least not impolite, but the other side sat down is to look at the mobile phone, I asked her most words is um ah oh hurriedly, with how I sit, I point very little, she directly asked for a set meal, but eat very little, payment requirements AA”.
In this case, she didn’t want to be here, and she didn’t see you, so she went all out on purpose. It was never gonna happen. So whether you ask her to go AA or not, you both have to block and delete. The only good thing about it is that it gives the person an answer.
Whatever she tells her references about how you’re a freak and a freak, forget it. do whatever you want Since the introducer came forward to save this bureau, it is not to let her go in disgrace. At least in the face, even if we just eat a good meal together to say goodbye, it is a smooth curtain.
But she, she was the one who put off the references. Put me on the word I also blame the introducer did not give me a good close, how what low quality people can introduce me, I in your eyes can only match with such a girl?

So, if what you’re describing is true, and it’s not a distortion, then I don’t think this girl deserves any sympathy.
To sum up, I think you go Dutch on a blind date and pay for dinner, you are right!