Are two people who love each other and kill each other fit to be together?

Love and kill seem to be two antisense words, but these two words can be found in the same couple. Because most of the time love and kill in fact in that moment, but kill is easy to love, and then ask a very realistic question: two men and women love each other is suitable for together?

1. in the end what is love and kill
To put it bluntly, the two people who love each other are not enough. They love themselves more and care more about their feelings, so they will hurt each other. But both sides are very persistent, refused to let go, is love each other to kill. Such love, is paranoid, such kill, is selfish. Most people eventually let go because they can’t take it anymore.
2. Be together when you’re in love
The process of love is painful, but happiness is more happy than other love. How many times I want to break up but never make up my mind. Since I still love you, I will wait until the day I don’t love you. It is so rare to meet someone who I love so much. Although two people who love and kill each other must suffer more, but this is living proof of love. Although I regret meeting you, I never regret loving you.
Can only say that as long as still together to cherish, after all, no one knows the future of the two people are still together, think too far is meaningless.
3. love can love each other, marriage must be tolerant of each other
Basically, love and kill don’t work. Two people itself on three different views, quarrel during love because of not long enough to get along with each other and some attractive quickly reconciled, after marriage with the consumption of fuel, rice, oil and salt, enthusiasm slowly faded, the remaining only endless quarrel.
A very important condition for a marriage to last is that there is a person who can tolerate another person. Therefore, when you are in love, you can find someone who is the same with you, but when you get married, you should find someone who can make concessions to you. Do you want to spend the rest of your life under the pressure of the old and the young, putting up with the fatigue of work, and having a teammate who likes to be around you?
So two people who love and kill each other can fall in love, but it’s hard to stick to marriage. Because the latter two have a home, have a child, new contradictions emerge life is a reality, love fades, murder becomes prominent.

Conclusion: It doesn’t mean that two people who love and kill each other can’t be together. If two people can love and kill each other for a lifetime, maybe it really is love. But obviously there is a person willing to give way will be more warm, do not understand love is really very sad, no matter how hard love, can not give each other what they want, but arbitrary injury, but just fatal knife, really very sad.