Blind date girls read your hints and judge how blind date girls feel about you

As a matter of fact, if you have a blind date with a girl, you can see from some of the girl’s behavior hints. There is no need for you to ask her how she feels about you. Here are four ways to tell how a blind date girl feels about you.

1. Chat feedback of blind date girls
That is, when you talk to a blind date girl on wechat, the speed of her reply to your message, the number of words, the topic engagement. If she responds to you quickly, with a lot of words, and actively engages in the topic, she will like you without even thinking about it. If you start the conversation a little bit, blind date girls will be eager to talk to you. Because she doesn’t want to miss the chance to spend time with the person she likes. For example:
Man: What are you doing?
W: I’m watching TV. What are you doing?
You see, this is the blind date girl interested in you hint, the number of words are more positive to you, willing to chat with you.
On the contrary:
M: What are you doing
Woman: Nothing to do. An hour to reply
This is a sign that a blind date girl is not interested in you. She has no feelings for you.
In fact, people are all like this – people will be emotional to people like, rational objective to people don’t like.
2. The way a blind date girl talks to you
Mood words can also be used to determine whether a blind date is interested in you. For example, mood words such as “ah, ah, provoke, na, MMMM, hum, ah ~” can be used subconsciously to make a girl 80% sure that she has feelings for you when talking to you.
As I said before, people will emotionally and subconsciously perfect their camouflage in front of the person they like, putting their most attractive aspects on display. So, if the blind date girl talks to you differently than other guys, 99% sure she likes you.

3. How respectful the blind date woman is to you
People only give respect to those they care about. If a blind date girl looks down on you and has no feelings for you, she won’t care about how much you give her and how much pain you suffer. Because in her heart: Who are you?
Some people who have the ability to “empathize” will actively care about their feelings, but most people don’t “empathize”, they only care about their own feelings, everyone is selfish.
On the other hand, when a blind date girl pays special attention to your friends and your affairs, it means that she has a crush on you.
4. A blind date invests your emotional attention
Emotional attention Investing, the concept of “investing your attention” in your emotions, is a summary of the above three. The most valuable thing is attention.
When the blind date girl starts to care about you, reply to your message quickly, the number of words, put on you for a long time, it means that you in her heart higher status ah. Well, then she likes you so there’s no mystery.

The hint that the blind girl is interested in you is actually reflected in these details. If you understand her hint, you will naturally know how to develop. If you don’t understand it, you may miss a blind girl who had a crush on you.