Chase girls chat routine, 3 tips to help you get her

Chasing girls, chat is the most critical, many boys because not good words, so that the pursuit has not begun to end. If you’re a guy who doesn’t speak well, here are three ways to talk.
1. Be bold and narcissistic in front of girls
Almost all girls like guys who are funny. This is the kind of guy who’s fun to talk to.
So boys in the pursuit of girls, don’t be so shy, can be bold to try some routines. Like being narcissistic in front of girls.
Because girls see you narcissistic, he can’t help but want to knock you down. In that case, she’ll start talking to you.
Also, narcissistic guys seem to have a lot of confidence, which is very important to attract girls.
2. Misinterpret her appropriately
There is a feeling called happy enemy. Boys and girls in the process of dating rough and tumble is to enhance the feelings between two people.
So when we are chatting, we might as well misinterpret her meaning appropriately, in order to close the relationship between two people. Like a girl saying I went to bed.
You can say something like: Why did you tell me when you were sleeping? Do you have an ulterior motive for me?
Girls will laugh and cry when they hear what you say. We’re gonna have to work backwards, make a girl think she’s taking advantage of you. That way, girls will let their guard down and it will be more conducive for you to pursue it.
3. Disconnect appropriately
The process of boys pursuing girls is like a war, and you need to fight for the girl’s heart. For example, after chatting with her for a week, you suddenly ignore her. In this case, the girl will have a feeling of gain and loss. She can’t help thinking, why didn’t she contact me? Why didn’t you come to me? Do you like someone else? This encourages him to reach out to you, which puts you in control.