Different flirting conversation starters will quickly increase your success rate

The most important thing is the first opening sentence of you and the girl. A good opening sentence can make the girl more favorable to you, and the success rate of flirting with the girl will rise. But what if the usual opening lines are worn out? Today, we are going to teach you some unusual conversation starters. Let’s take a look at some unusual conversation starters.

1. A compliment opening
No girl will refuse a compliment. A compliment is always appreciated by a girl. It will make a girl like you quickly, and it will make the conversation flow more smoothly for the next step.
Of course, such praise premise is that you have a certain understanding of her. You need to pay attention to their photos or just observe them in person, and then comment on a significant feature of them, whether it is their physical features, clothing decoration, or the way they look and act while taking the photo.
Say something like, “You look gentle and friendly.” “, “Your eyes are very beautiful ah, sparkling very clear feeling.
But we should pay attention to one point, praise is best to find a detail of her to praise, too general to say “you are beautiful”, “you are very good-looking”, “you have temperament”, often the effect is not good.
2. Curiosity Opener
This is a good conversation starter because everyone is concerned about themselves, and if you’re talking about her, it will arouse her curiosity. When women see an opening message like this, they will almost always come right back to you, so that women will be chasing you like a prize and hitting on you. For example: “When I saw your elephant, it reminded me of a girl I went to college with.” “Your profile picture reminds me of a secret.” “I find you have three important strengths.” Then you name only two and leave one unsaid. Out of curiosity, a girl will answer you back with what’s left to say.

3. Pit Bombing pick-up line
You’re going to compensate me…….. Because you just zapped me. This greeting should be carried out separately. Before the other party does not reply to you, you should first put out the statement that you want to compensate me. The other party is curious about why you said so, and naturally asks why you said so, at this time, you answer because you just tased me, which will surprise and delight her.
4. Fun Opening Lines
The great thing about this type of conversation opener is that it makes you feel like a funny, funny, and playful person. It makes you seem like a distinct person from the “are you in?” person, and it makes her want to respond.
For example, “Ha ha ha, I guess I’m the first handsome guy to say hi to you today, right?” Or, “I’m so good looking, I felt I had to say hello.” It’s important to note that the opening line should be based on your attractiveness. If your profile picture and moments are not up to date, women will easily assume that this person is out of his mind or overly narcissistic.

This is the age of looking at the face, a high level of appearance is a great help for you to chase girls, but as long as you don’t have a face that needs plastic surgery, then it can be remedied through humor.