Flirt with sister sexual sentences, dirty routine question and answer

Hello brothers, I am Twilight, a senior mentor of dating Flirtatious younger sister network. Brothers should be particularly concerned about flirtatious sexually explicit sentences and dirty routines, especially when chatting with girls at night or flirting. Some dirty sentences and dirty routines can very well upgrade your relationship with each other, so this article will share with you “flirtatious sexually explicit sentences and dirty routines”. I hope it helps my brothers.
It’s a sexy sentence

1, nothing special, just want to hear your voice.
2, you are so perfect, there is a shortcoming, lack of me.
3, I don’t know what is like, but I know, if a day don’t talk to you, I think today is white.
4. What do you bring me? Is the moment of power failure, my first thought is not to find a candle, but to find your sense of security.
5. Do you know the difference between you and the stars? The stars are in the sky, you are in my heart.
The best love is not because we need to be together, but because we want to be together.
The most regretless thing in youth is that I loved you deeply.
First fall in love, goodbye infatuation. All day long, want to win the heart. Painstakingly, want to urge the heart. Don’t your heart, don’t understand my heart!
9, the world if there are various kinds of tastes, I have a special liking. As long as my heart beats, it beats for you. Have you, is the wonderful of my life, my confidence from your charm.
10, the greatest happiness of life, is that I love you, just found that you love me.
1. Man: “I’ve been feeling weird lately.” Woman: “Something weird”. Male: “Blame you”.
2. M: “Do you like candy?” . Woman: “Yes”. Man: “No wonder you’re so sweet.”
3. M: “Can you play the piano?” . Woman: “No.” Man: “So how did you pull at my heartstrings?” .
4. Man: “Why did you hurt me?” . Woman: “I didn’t hurt you.” Male: “Make me like you so much”.
5. M: “Do you know what day it was yesterday?” . Woman: “What date?” . Man: “It’s the day I loved you.”

6. Man: “I really want to bite you.” Woman: “Why are you biting me?” . Man: “Taste what you use to make it so sweet.”
7. Man: “You are so special today.” Woman: “What’s so special?” . Man: “I love it.”
8. Man: “I think there’s something in my eye.” Woman: “Is it sand?” . Man: “Eyes are full of you.”
9. The man: “Do you want a dog?” . Woman: “What dog?” . Man: “The single kind.”
10, the man: “You are too bad.” Woman: “What do you mean?” . Male: “Beauty is beyond measure”.
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