Flirting sentence, driving sentence

If a guy wants to flirt with a girl, he must learn to tell some dirty jokes at the right time to lead the girl to feel, and then the relationship will progress. What are some of the best sexual sentences to use when flirting with women?

1. Your mouth is so sexy, you just want to kiss it
2. Isn’t that what life is all about? In and out
3 desert smoke I good straight, river sunset you the most round.
4. I’m a practical person. I believe that love grows with time.
5. How much is it for one night? Is the bank card enough for you?
6. Rain can hold snow, why can’t you hold me?
7. Are you hungry? I’ll feed you
8. The bed is empty. Come with me
9. I want to hold you close and smell you
10. My bed is not too big for you
11. I want to get up with you and kiss you deeply
12. I’ll just look at your thighs and nothing else
13. I can’t do anything right, except you
14 my heart, arms, body pressure is you
15. Girl, I can’t move right now. I need you to move
16. What you need is someone who loves you. Well, you need me tonight
17. Can’t say anything good about you, but want to watch you take a bath
18. I don’t eat hard on the surface to eat hard to eat soft mouth
19. I control the speed and you control the decibels, okay
20 after your small tongue is a small snack for me

21. You might as well go and pretend you don’t have a booty call.
22. It’s like drinking to you, because I always want to do it first
23. I wish it wasn’t life that weighed me down, it was you
24 my heart in the arms of the body under pressure are you.
I am hoe wo you are when the afternoon, I am Qingming you are the river map
26. Take a nap when you have a chance and warm up your bed together
27. You know my length, I know your depth
28. I can’t talk to you anymore, and I can’t have sex
29. I like you more than I want to sleep with you
30. What color is your underwear I’d like to see