Girls like a person’s psychology, there will be these confused behavior

When a boy likes a girl, he is actually very happy to show it. After all, boys should take the initiative to be brave. He also hopes to see the reaction of girls through this kind of performance. But girls are different, girls like a person will only silently like, many boys do not even know that there are girls like their own. Here is to share with you girls like a person’s psychology, there will be these confused behavior.

1. You’re always jealous
If a girl likes you, she’ll be jealous if she sees you getting close to someone else. At this time, she will use the boys do not understand the thinking to say something strange. Like why haven’t you texted me back? Oh, you’re playing video games. Oh, you’re still playing video games with her. Oh, that’s okay. I was just asking. Yeah, you guys take your time. I’m going to bed. And don’t understand the boys will only think that girls suddenly become cold.
2, will suddenly act in pettish to you
A girl will act like a coquette to a boy she likes, no other reason, she wants to act like a coquette in front of a boy she likes, in order to cause a man to want to protect. Of course, there are also girls like to take advantage of boys by acting in pettish. Such girls act in pettish to everyone, then she may not like you to act in pettish to you, because she does this to everyone, and you are not the special one.
3. You get very dressed up
A girl will always keep up her image in front of her crush, because she wants to attract the guy she likes through her appearance. So, if you find a girl who always looks her best, makes up, and dresses fashionably in front of you, chances are there’s someone she likes!
4. Remember your hobbies
Girls will remember what they like to say, as long as you pay attention to a little, you will find that you said to girls, she seems to remember every sentence, especially you don’t like to eat things and love to eat things, she will do her homework, so you will feel with her seems to be very easy, because she has arranged the process according to your preferences.
5. Meet your friends

It’s not just guys who forget their friends. Girls do it too. For example, if you don’t have a date with her, you may have promised to do your hair, go shopping, go to the movies with your girlfriends in the afternoon. But if you ask her out, even if the movie just starts, she’ll leave her best friend to meet you right away, and she’ll really take it to the extreme! I can tell by talking to her best friend.
6. You can be very gentle
Girls in the single time will actually act very tough, after all, what things in life need to do themselves, and no boyfriend can help you move water, repair the computer, so the girls slowly lost the gentle. But if a girl has a guy she likes, she will become gentle in front of him. Because she knows that men like gentle girls, she hopes to attract the guy she likes through her gentle side.
7. You giggle a lot
Girls will be very happy when they get along with people they like. If a girl talks to you, the corners of her mouth will always turn up the most dramatically. Even if she does not talk to you, she will hold the mobile phone to read your chat records, and then secretly rejoice, especially if she fantasized about your future life, she could not help laughing. Then there’s no doubt that girls like you.