High EQ comfort girls dysmenorrhea method, let girls feel very intimate

Girls menstrual cramps is a very normal thing, every month to come so once. If the girls give you say menstrual cramps you back what “drink more hot water”, once or twice is OK, more times the girls should have complaints, next time you will never have a chance to listen to the girls say menstrual cramps for you. So what are the methods of high EQ to comfort girls dysmenorrhea?

1. Find out why girls have menstrual cramps
Girls have a variety of reasons for dysmenorrhea: one is congenital weak, palace cold, in this case only regulate the girls’ body, in order to improve the extent of girls’ dysmenorrhea. In severe cases, pain relievers may be necessary. Another reason for girls’ dysmenorrhea may be that girls themselves do not take good care of their bodies, eat cold things or wash clothes with cold water during menstruation, stomach cold and so on, in this case, pay more attention to her diet during menstruation, girls need to wash clothes when you work hard to help her wash.

2. How to comfort girls dysmenorrhea with high EQ
(1). Spend time with her
Girls dysmenorrhea is actually relatively weak, this time boys can take more time to accompany her, accompany her to talk and chat, when she is not convenient to help her run errands. I’ve seen girls shake and sweat when they have menstrual cramps. It’s a joke. And when a girl gets over it, she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.
(2). Talk to distract you
When a girl tells you about menstrual cramps, she is actually expressing her current state to you. She is uncomfortable and wants your attention. On the one hand, you can show that you care about her. On the other hand, you can distract her from her period pain by chatting. In the process of chatting to do more environmental dysmenorrhea work, so that girls forget the existence of dysmenorrhea.
For example, you can make her a warm cup of brown sugar and ginger water in the middle of a conversation, watch her drink it, and gently rub her stomach.
You can also tell girls some funny jokes, share her attention, so that menstrual cramps no longer bother her. For example:
Female: “Ah, menstruation is coming, and to the time of dysmenorrhea, uncomfortable!”
Man: “Every time you talk about menstrual cramps, it hurts me. If only I could help you.” (Feel the same and express your concern)
Female: “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

High emotional intelligence comfort girls dysmenorrhea method is actually to let girls feel that you are very concerned about her, and will ease her dysmenorrhea to make some practical action so that she can feel you care about her, rather than cold pertory “drink more hot water”.