How do you chase a gym girl?

Now many boys like fitness, in their spare time will choose to go to the gym exercise, in fact, in addition to boys, there are many girls in the gym, then if you see the girl you like how to chase?

1. Find the moment
What do you do when you see the girl you love? Come up to her and talk to her shamelessly? Seducing a girl is a must, but opportunity is more important. Is it ever inappropriate for a girl to be snorting and sweating on the elliptical machine? Best chance is when she finishes her run, Rashin. You walk over and place the yoga mat in her neighborhood, and you have more time to communicate.
2. Learn to chat
What you talk to the girl about next is important. So many fitness clubs you choose the same, choose the same time to fitness club exercise, even choose the same training equipment; Isn’t that enough common language for you? If you want to compliment her, try focusing on a sport she does. “That fight gym you just did, it felt really professional. Do you schedule all your training sessions yourself?” This kind of role change will make a girl feel different about you. If you use the cliche “Hello, I’m…” “, “I’d like to meet you”; What are you going to say next? There’s no actual content to follow, so you’ll probably just be “friends.”

3. Show a better side to girls
Girls may notice you before you notice them. Good impression, bad impression, long before she said the first sentence has left. In the same training ground, everything you say and do will be seen by others. Good knowledge of fitness club etiquette will make you a lot of points in the college entrance examination.
Chasing girls in the gym is still in accordance with some routine factors, so it is necessary to understand some skills of chasing girls in advance and methods of chatting with girls. In addition, you can also and girls together with fitness, two people urge each other, is also very good.