How does a boy with no love experience chase a girl?

No love experience boys and girls get along, may appear very wooden and do not understand amour, and love experience is accumulated by love experience, this has become a dead cycle. Leading to no more no love experience of the boys to catch up with the girls.

To help you solve this problem, here are some tips for guys who have little love experience to share with you.
1. Build comfort
When you first meet a girl, it’s a time of getting to know each other. The most important thing to do during this time is to establish comfort and to establish initial attraction with charm.
A lot of guys in the pursuit of a girl, at the beginning of the meeting will only keep asking, “where are you”, “how old are you”, “what do you do”…… Trying to find something in common with a girl quickly and intensely will only make her feel cold and resentful towards you.
Not to the girls to throw questions, but to choose the right time to ask again, the premise of chat don’t hold too strong purpose to find the topic, you can try to turn the interrogative sentence into a statement, with cold reading way to open the girls, listen carefully and appropriate praise sister, followed by more to show the girls their value, value includes: humor. Good taste. Wide social circle. Be well informed and so on.
For example:
“Where are you from?” The declarative sentence is “You’re a southern girl, right?”
“How old are you?” instead of a declarative sentence is “I guess your age is about 23.”
2. Strengthen communication
After you have established a comfortable relationship with a girl, you need to strengthen your daily interactions with a girl and complete the transition from friend to lover through in-depth understanding. This is the stage to find out what girls like. What you need, what you hate, and so on, but also let the other person understand your personality characteristics. Daily preferences, etc., deepen each other’s impression in each other’s mind through communication.
This is how intimacy and trust build up, and in the process, listen more. Share more, guide the chat topic to the emotion, the topic gradually from shallow depth to ambiguity, ambiguity is the most beautiful time in love, as long as Pierce this layer of window paper can enter the love.
When a girl’s interest in you has reached a certain level, try to ask a girl out on a date. After all, dating is the best way to upgrade a relationship, and it is also the prelude to a definitive relationship.

3. Improve yourself
Love is the adjustment of life. The good medicine of emotion can bring happiness and sweet psychological experience to people. On the road of chasing the perfect lover, don’t let love become the shackles that stop you from moving forward. At any time, you should strive to grow and improve yourself, and become a charming man with equal value to each other.
As the saying goes, “If you plant a plane tree, you will attract a phoenix.” How to enhance your charming image? On the one hand to improve their appearance and clothing; On the other hand read more books. Broaden your horizons by socializing and exercising more. Finally, through continuous learning to improve their love quotient. Emotional intelligence.