How does a girl react to a crush on you?

Nowadays, most girls are very independent and rarely have a nymphomania for boys. However, if they meet their favorite boys, more or less there will be some nymphomania. So what does a girl do when she has a crush on you?

1. Staring at you all the time
If a girl is infatuated with you, her first act is to stare at you intentionally or unintentionally, how can not feel enough. If you’re talking to a girl and she keeps staring at you and doesn’t say anything, it’s a sign that they’re addicted to your level of appearance.
2. You’re jealous of other people of the same sex
If women have a crush on you when it comes to opposite-sex relationships, they will be wary of other members of the opposite sex you mention. Even if it’s just a little bit in conversation, they’ll be jealous. If when a guy mentions a girl who is nice, they subconsciously contradict and say that she is not, then they are jealous and have a crush on you.

3. Say yes to whatever you say
When a woman has a crush on a man, no matter what he says or asks, women will say yes. Because like, so want to give everything. Women will verbally say yes to unreasonable demands from men, whether they can or can’t do it. If a woman can say yes to anything you ask her to do, she’s definitely a fan.
4. Think you do everything right
In the face of the men they like, no matter what they do, women feel that they are right. Because like, so will be very inclusive to them. Whether men do the right thing or the wrong thing, in the eyes of women, it is right, this is not in doubt. Even if a man does something that other people think is heinous, as long as women like it and are obsessed with him, they will think that a man is right. Don’t allow others to contradict you.