How does a guy with no money chase a girl?

A lot of boys can not catch girls, are attributed to “no money” this reason, but look at those who play underground rap neither handsome nor good-looking, they have a lack of girls, Ma Yun is not handsome, before he has money to start a business before, her wife is how to marry him?
Often single guys who think they can’t get a girl without money don’t notice how important a person is on the inside.

We can often see which female celebrities join the rich family, the 50-year-old rich married the popular actress, the media will be interested in this matter, the subconscious think: they are a good match, after all, the man has money.
All you can see at any time is that the girl next to the handsome guy is really good-looking. Some guy from a similar family has a girlfriend and subconsciously thinks that they are a good match, after all, the man is handsome.
However, if a guy is poor and not handsome, but can find a beautiful girlfriend, you don’t see much through the media, you don’t come into contact with this kind of people, or rarely come into contact with this kind of people, so you think this kind of guy can’t find a girlfriend.
In fact, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, you just don’t belong to the same circle as them. They may be unknown writers; It could be musicians at the bottom of the income scale; It may be street enthusiasts graffiti rap hip-hop dance etc.; It may be a small clerk on the road to struggle; It could be any freelancer working for a living.
You will find that they have a strong attraction to women, a funny soul in common terms, which is the most important quality, even more than whether they are rich or handsome.
Especially when the girls themselves have been very thoughtful, at this time the level of money and appearance in front of her vulnerable, like this really high girls can only succumb to the same inner spirit of the man’s hands.
Intrinsic value can be the master key and shortcut to getting a girl.
In the past 18 years, Li has been a poet, a writer, a comedian and a stand-up comedian. Before his jokes became popular, he published many books, but none of them sold well, and was nicknamed “famous writer of slow selling books”.
Eighteen years ago, it could be said that there was no face, no money. But suffice it to say his girlfriend’s level of appearance. The girl was with Li before he became famous.
Black tail Sauce has been with Li since he was a poor student. Is she betting that the future Li will be successful? No, I believe black tail sauce is not sure, but still encouraged him when he repeatedly failed in writing books. Husband, I believe you, even if Li Christmas is not famous in the end, she will think Li Christmas is a hero, but no one knows Li Christmas.
Maybe some brothers will say: Although Li Dan came from an ordinary background, they can find beautiful wives, because they are very ambitious. Although they are not successful now, they must give people a sense of potential, but I am different from them, I have no plan for the future, and can not become a big thing. I guess I’m cut out for beautiful women.
Charisma isn’t just about having a career drive like they do, and having a beautiful wife without the ambition to save the world:
Beast husband and Korean national goddess Lee Hyo-ri, on this rough man normal people first thought is – this man is very rich, already look so poor, should be a rich bar.
Li Xiaoli’s husband not only has no money and no ambition to change the world, he is just a farmer!!
In 2013, Lee Hyo-ri’s confession to then-fiance Lee Sang-soon went viral on the Internet: “I like the old Lee Sang-soon who has only one suit and plays guitar. In my eyes, he is the most handsome. Brother is really not cannibalistic, and I only have money. Even so, my brother does not hate me.”
“My brother was rich. He taught me how to plant, harvest, pick tomatoes, roll in hay, and I had nothing but money.”
I believe Li Shangshun is also aspirant, but his pursuit is different from Li Dan’s change of his future, he is just an aspirant life. What he wants is not fame and fortune, but ordinary people’s different attitude towards life.
When life is no longer for survival, only for happiness, ordinary life also gives extraordinary meaning.
Look at yourself, why don’t you have a girlfriend, in fact, it is not that you don’t have money, or you are not handsome enough, but that you have no intrinsic value,
So, of course, it is possible to find a girlfriend if you are poor and handsome, but you need to enhance your inner worth and let your inner self attract girls.