How does this make you talk to your sister

If you want to flirt with girls, you must have the appropriate topic to talk to girls, so how to flirt with girls to find topics? Today’s Xiaobian will teach you how to flirt and find topics, come and have a look!

1. Association of specific words
According to the beauty of the meaning of the words, or a word in the words to expand the association, so as to get a new topic. The easiest way to do this is to grab a word from a woman and associate it with something or someone else. Beauty said: today shopping so tired. Can be associated with shopping tired. The boy can answer; I played basketball all day today. Am I tired? So the conversation starts. Instead of answering then go to rest!
2. Don’t use “um, ah, hehe.
It’s the most annoying way for girls to talk, isn’t it? Even if you’re feeling shy or shy, don’t start or finish a conversation in this way. If a girl says a word, you immediately “ha ha”, you let your girl feel how? Does she think you hate yourself? Or if you’re playing yourself off, etc. You never know if your own girlfriend would roll her eyes at you ten thousand times.
3. Don’t check your hukou
Don’t check hukou! Don’t check hukou! Don’t check hukou! Important things are not just said three times!
Checking hukou is like interrogating, you are not the police, you are not qualified to interrogate anyone!
Put yourself in your shoes. How would you feel if a stranger you just met kept asking you questions, one after another? You just find this person annoying and distasteful, don’t you?
By the same token, a woman feels the same way you do when you’re questioning her.
Also, there is no shortage of people around to check her hukou. Once you do that, you become cheap.

4. Downward decomposition method
Subdivide down according to the meaning of the beautiful woman’s words. Beauty said: night insomnia again. Subdivide down. Insomnia? Why cause insomnia? You can answer: Is this a desire for love or money? Break it down. The more specific it is, the more she wants to talk to you.
5. Don’t draw conclusions
Never come to a conclusion about a topic between you, such as “so to say”, such as how it ended, etc. This conclusion of yours represents the end of the conversation, and if either of you wants to bring it up again, there is a dull feeling over there. So always remember, if you want to come to a conclusion about a topic, you have to have a new topic to go on, otherwise don’t jump to a conclusion.