How long can you give up chasing girls? Give yourself a deadline

In fact, there are some time limits to chase girls, those you chase for a long time can not catch up with the girls, you may hold on again will not have any results, so timely stop loss is also a necessary skill. So here’s the question: How long can you stop chasing girls? The following is from several aspects for you to analyze.
1. Give yourself a deadline

I am a strong purpose of the person, I chase girls will give themselves a deadline, if the time to chat down, I will be forced to attack. I would ask her: What do you think of me? As long as the girl answers with a good attitude, I will continue to talk. If I feel bad, I will not talk about feelings and stop paying directly.
I mean, you might think I’m lame, but whatever, I just think it’s better to change your mind, because I like a certain kind of person, not a certain kind of person. I didn’t get along with her long enough. How much can I love her? Chat a few days fall in love with you, do you think possible? I don’t believe it. I’m fine with that kind of love talk, it just doesn’t suit me.
I am a love brain, I do not like that under the pretext of development, said to assess me, let me continue to pay the girl. I am to two-way love, I am a person to pay, you look at the side, it is better to change someone. Love is nothing but self-hypnosis. Most people don’t want to really because of love? No, I just fell for her when she stepped on the horse. I really think she was thinking about whether she was suitable for him or not. After paying a lot, she refused.
Which means, if it doesn’t feel right, I’ll just leave. see whether two-way pay
Whether between friends or lovers, are mutual pay, I invite you to dinner, you invite me to dinner, or you have value, I often ask you to teach you, in return I invite dinner, I take, I am willing to, I am very happy. Well, if you can’t give me value, then why should I give unconditionally, right? You’re my girlfriend, and I’m willing to give.
But if I pay for dinner, if I hold hands with you, and if I think we’re not compatible, then why should I keep paying? Be friends like friends, don’t be a snoop at the checkout. You say it’s time to learn, then you have to pay. Say you care about me, you want to know about my life, you want to hang out with me. Now that’s really thinking about whether I’m fit or not.

That kind of stay at home all day long to brush Tiktok, chat with you only reply ah wow, anything, you know the ghost. She just wants to fuck you for free and keep you occupied. First catch you, steady you, let you continue to pay the situation, see if you can meet more exciting people. When the girl to a: I feel we are not suitable, you are very good, do friends. Where are you going to reason?
I usually spend some time with each other in pursuit and feel comfortable talking. I will give the other person a statement: You can consider it, but you have to give me a specific time, is it seven days? Or half a month? Or a month? Just say I’m impatient, and I’ll drop it.
Guys don’t want to be friends when they’re chasing a girl. You just want to fall in love with a girl who’s a good match. Whenever a girl says she wants to think about it for more than 30 days, there’s no doubt about the basic backup.