How long is it appropriate to meet online? Too early too late is never good

For the lovers of long-distance online love, although two people can chat online, but always different from the actual love, and if the long-distance online love wants to go for a long time, they always have to meet each other and return to reality. How long is it appropriate to meet someone online? Here are some problems of long-distance online dating.

First, what should we pay attention to when we meet in long-distance online love

1. Location for long-distance online dating
It’s best not to meet someone who is too far away, it will make them think you have other ideas, and don’t book a meeting at a bar or other place, there are a lot of scammers these days. If you really want to meet up, you can choose some parks as your meeting places.
2. Respect each other’s wishes when meeting someone online
Although two people are in a relationship online, you are still strangers in life. Therefore, when you first meet, don’t be too eager. You should respect a girl’s wishes and know where she draws the line.
3. Make small gifts when you meet someone online
The first time you meet a girl in a long-distance online relationship, the man can give her a small gift, not too expensive, mainly to express your feelings.
What should long distance network love meet notice
4. Reminisce about your time together
If you meet a long-distance girl and still have feelings for each other, you can broaden the conversation to include memories of your time together beyond the present moment, and deepen the girl’s affection for you by reminding her of the good memories.
5. Be careful when you meet
The topic of your first meeting with an online girl may not be much, so it doesn’t need to be too long, otherwise it will be awkward.
Two, long distance online love how long is appropriate to meet

1. Meet 3-7 days after dating online
This is a good time to meet. There is a certain mutual understanding on both sides, and they will be looking forward to and excited about each other’s mystery. Your relationship is basically stereotyped. Both emotional and intellectual, you have reached a peak. Take a chance and attack when it’s time.
2. Meet one month after dating online
After seven days, those with linguistic charm will only be able to express themselves through the Internet. The lack of language is bound to affect their emotional play. If the two sides really can’t meet, they will cool down. If they do not speak, and talk too much, they will sink into the sea forever;
3. Dating online for more than six months
If you have been in love with a girl online for more than half a year and haven’t met yet, but you still have a good feeling during the online process and continue to talk with passion, then you can choose to meet. Of course, it’s actually a little late to meet at this time, don’t you think getting old for a long time on the Internet is a myth? Because in love, plain is death, more and more familiar, more and more friendly, more and more don’t care. People love new animals and hate old ones. The feeling of being wasted before dating online is really sad and regrettable.
Long distance online love how long to meet suitable for everyone to introduce here, can only say that online love to meet too early or too late is not good, I hope you can meet each other at the most favorable time, or drag it down may be the end of nowhere.