How many of the top 20 moments in love have you achieved?

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Girls are emotional, especially girls in love, want to let her heart, do not need how expensive gifts, or how gorgeous love words. Boys usually some inconspicuous moments, can let her heart. Let’s take a look at the top 20 romantic moments for a girl. How many have you achieved?

Top 20 moments in Love that make a girl’s heart flutter
1. Date When she gets a little tired, take her home and kindly schedule the next trip.
2. They don’t care about her makeup, they don’t care about her farts, and they don’t complain when her period is at its weakest.
3. Always treat service staff with respect and never forget to say “thank you” when others help you.
4. Serious boys are always sexy.
5. Don’t flirt, don’t raise a sister. He can easily reject girls he doesn’t like and maintain clear boundaries with other members of the opposite sex.
6. In group socializing, a girl’s heart is not in having a guy around her all the time, but in being able to set the mood and make people around you.
7. One set for the surface, one set for the back, one set for the suburbs, and one set for the second ring.
8. When crossing the street, take her arm and ask her to walk on the inside of the street. Far away came a car with a bright light, subconsciously help her block the strong light.
9. Silently remember what she likes and dislikes.
10. In front of friends or family, generous introduction of two people’s relationship, in the social circle, each other’s identity is absolutely transparent, there is no ambiguous object.
11. Carry a rubber band with you and calmly hand it to a girl while she eats.
12. Treat parents, can do neither perfunctory, nor dependent, can maintain personal opinion, can balance the relationship between parents and partners.
13. When your girlfriend is wronged, you suddenly help her theory and support her. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do for a girl like being there for her when it counts.
14 the concept of equality between men and women, but never the pursuit of absolute AA. For example, when we first got together, your girlfriend went to the supermarket to buy a bottle of water, and you also bought some things of your own. Without meaning to say, “Let’s tie it together”, your boyfriend instantly pulled it full.
15. Show up in time when a girl needs it, maybe you think it’s hard to do, in fact, what a girl needs is very simple, find her vulnerable during her period, give her comfort and care, and send a cup of hot drink, it is so simple.
16. When a girl meets a problem, your first reaction is to care about her and help her solve it. It is the most beautiful thing to get a person’s attention, isn’t it?
17. When the girls explain some unknown knowledge and suddenly realize that their faces are still a little embarrassed, the girls are easy to move to serious knowledge, willing to admit their shortcomings of the boys, because this is the two people get along well with the state.
18 In order to persuade girls are anxious to sell cute, most of the boys are trying to persuade the girls with reason, but in fact, the girls understand, just do not admit the emotion, but let the girls get relief from the emotion, she will obediently listen to you, have been in love with the boys understand.
19 have a sense of responsibility, holding a girl’s hand, will go to the girls to make up their commitment. Commitment to a girl, not just words, but these can be put into practice.
20. When you have sex.