How many standards do you have in a girl’s boyfriend?

Boys have their own standards for finding a girlfriend, and girls have their own standards for finding a boyfriend. If a boy can meet these standards, it is easy to catch up with the girl. What are the boyfriend standards in the eyes of the girls?

1. Sense of youth
The so-called sense of youth, is not as reckless and ignorant as the youth.
But after the vicissitudes of life, there is still curiosity and purity for the world in my eyes. Even after experiencing the secular and utilitarian, I still have a clean and pure heart.
Always keep hot blood and confidence in your bones.
Dare to love, also believe in the power of love.
Step 2 Feel safe
Girls especially need a sense of security, and really like your boy, his eyes only you, he released the tenderness or enthusiasm, is your exclusive privilege.
Really like, will not ride a donkey to find a horse, not everywhere to cast nets to focus on fish, but will only pay enthusiasm for you, for other members of the opposite sex to maintain a clear boundary.
First, he doesn’t want you to misunderstand his intentions, and second, he doesn’t want to disappoint his own likes.
3. Boyfriend power
At work, resolute and mature.
In feelings, love and hate clear, never hide.
With such a man, when he says “I’m here/leave it to me/rest assured”, you will feel very secure and secure, because you know that he can do what he promised, and will never break his word.4. Keep a low profile
Faced with opportunities, he can reveal himself freely. In the face of the goddess, also dare to confidently go to the ground to chat up.
This confidence, does not have to do with the thickness of the skin, but a kind of bone honest and confident, not proud, but also never inferiority, self-esteem and respect for others, on the same important position.
Maybe his life is not wonderful, but he can always break out in some moments of highlight, let the girls remember and secretly appreciate.
Step 5 Have a sense of humor

The so-called humor is not to play nice, not to grandstand.
Instead, they can engage in light conversation and occasionally drop a humorous joke that can make people around them smile without embarrassing or uncomfortable.
He always has the right advantages to attract others’ attention, and people around him are willing to make friends with him.
Men with a sense of humor are generally high in emotional intelligence and have a strong capacity for empathy and empathy.
6. Excel in certain areas
Full score of sex ability, kiss good, high technology. (I know what I know.)
7. You can balance your relationship with your parents
Treat parents, can do neither perfunctory, nor dependent, can maintain personal opinion, can balance the relationship between parents and partners.
Don’t bite the old, can be independent. Not a mother’s treasure, can keep their own opinions in front of parents.
8. Unexpected Treasure Boy
For example, when I sing karaoke, I can have a voice that will shock everyone. When playing games with girls, you can carry the whole game. Or at the company’s annual meeting, you can do something that no one else can.
Such a boy, always have a belong to their own stage, in a moment, burst out of the amazing highlight moment.

9. Know what you want from the world
Will take the initiative to be a good person, but never do bad good. Know what you want, what friends to have, what parties to go to, and when to make time for yourself.
Grasp the sense of proportion, can make others feel warm, but also can give others a sense of invisible awe.
10. Have some financial ability
This is painful, but true.
Men, to the age, either have the social status, or have the personal wealth, or have the talent, after all, no girl, will be a man who has nothing.