How to ask a girl her name? A way to ask a girl her name

Most of the time, if you want to know a girl’s name, she will not answer directly, and if you have not known each other for a long time, it is not polite to ask directly. How do you ask a girl’s name?

1. Ask a girl gently
When it comes to asking a girl’s name gently, there are two ways. The first way is to talk about yourself first and then lead to the girl. The second way is to ask a girl in a declarative sentence. For example, “My name is Zhang Shun, and you?” “I guess your name is Yang Xuedao.”
2. Let the girl speak for herself
In the process of chatting, you can make a self-introduction first, and then ask the girl to make a self-introduction, so that you can easily know the girl’s name. Another way is to addr ess a girl in a “baby” manner and then ask, “Baby, what should I call you?”
3. Based on the girl’s circle of friends
Generally, girls like to send friends circle, often with a lot of personal information, like some of her chat with girlfriends or with friends screenshot, you can see how her friends call her, then you can get the name of the girl.
When chatting with girls, we can infer what character the girls are through the girls’ display. If we want to know the girls’ names, we can ask:
M: You often take selfies in your moments. Isn’t your name a selfie stick?
W: You’re the selfie stick
M: Ha ha, but it’s not bad. My name is xxx. What’s yours?
Female: xxx

4. Ask as a friend
In the process of getting along with the girl, if you want to know the girl’s name, you can pretend to know the way to ask, you can ask: “You say, we have been talking for so long, but do not know your name, little friend, what is your name” here to use the child to address the girl, the girl will usually say her name.
If you meet girls don’t want to say, then you can take the opportunity to tease the girls: “children, the name also don’t tell me, afraid of uncle abducted you” to mobilize the girls’ emotions, at this time don’t continue to ask the girl’s name, you can wait for girls mood good, then to ask.
5. Call her by a name you made up
In the chat, we can just a name to call the girls, of course, it is best to use some lovely call, such as: pig, children, little cute, when the girls do not reject these calls to you, that has established a certain goodwill, at this time even if you directly ask the girl’s name, she will be willing to tell you.