How to chat in love? Chat tips for relationships

In the process of falling in love, if you can’t talk, it is easy to let the other person feel that there is a problem in the relationship, or even a direct emotional crisis. So how do you talk in a relationship? Here are some chat tips for relationships.

1. Talk slowly
Relationships should be gradual and develop slowly. The same goes for chatting. Don’t rush into premature statements. Especially don’t “rush” too much. Some girls are shy. Guys can wait until they’re more intimate before bringing up the topic of kissing or even more.
2. Show concern when you talk
There is no better way to show love than to care for your partner. But you also need a way to show your concern, drink more hot water must be less talk, because more talk is likely to make your girlfriend think that you don’t care about her, no matter what you say you drink more hot water.
3. Express yourself freely
Don’t keep silent because you are afraid that your words will be despised by the other side, so that you can have dry communication on or choose some topics that you are not good at. You should know that you have become boyfriend and girlfriend, and you can freely express your attitude and opinions, even the embarrassing things that happen to you, which can increase the familiarity between you. Even if you make a mistake, you can find out the difference in time and make reconciliation or correction.4. Learn about hobbies
Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will win a hundred battles. This technique can also be used in romantic conversations. If you want your girlfriend to be inseparable from you, then you have to master her preferences, so that you can talk to her at ordinary times, to send gifts to her heart.

5. Look for intersections
Usually boys prefer objective science and engineering thinking, while girls prefer delicate and sensitive arts. Two people like very different things. This is the time to find the intersection of the two areas. For example, you can talk about your thinking about that field, and then ask the other person to correct it. You can also compare the differences between two fields. People don’t know about many topics at first, but they hope to have someone to lead them into this field, which can add a lot of fresh and interesting feeling.
6. Retain information
Girlfriends often reveal information about themselves inadvertently during conversations. Not every sentence should be memorized, but some important information such as family information and work information can be put to good use, so that you can surprise her or show your carefulness in the future communication process.