How to chat with a Blind Date girl on Twitter? Dating Tips Chat log

Nowadays, young people are basically running back and forth between the company and home. In this fast-paced life, they feel that they don’t have time to fall in love. So, many guys have no choice but to go on blind dates and meet reliable girls through friends or relatives. So, blind date chatting is also a very important step, if you can’t even chat with a blind date girl, you can only say that there is no drama. How to chat with a blind date girl on wechat? The following is to share the dating skills chat record.

1. Seize the opportunity to chat on blind dates
The first is the timing of the conversation. If the timing is not right, the other person will have a bad attitude towards you. Usually everyone has this confusion when chatting with someone they don’t know well, not knowing when the other person is free. This teaches you a little trick, which is to look at the other person’s circle of friends. When you find that she has just updated her moments, you can take the initiative to chat with her on wechat.
One of the tips you should pay attention to when chatting with a blind date girl is not to just talk by yourself or force the other person to talk, but to come and go. Wechat chat requires paying attention to what the other person says. During voice chat and video chat, you should focus on listening to the other person. Don’t use a half-hearted “um” and “ah” and “ah”. In addition, don’t respond to too many messages at once, it will make people feel oppressed, and don’t send long voice messages, many people will not listen to.

2. Learn dating and chatting skills
After you have a good chance of chatting, whether you can have a long conversation with a blind date girl and whether you can arouse her emotions depends on wechat chatting skills. The so-called chat skills, in fact, can be summed up in a word, that is, the choice of the topic is also important. Because you just met your blind date and you don’t know each other very well, the topic of conversation is even more difficult. This time we don’t check account, but should first talk about their own situation, and then a sentence: “you?” This will be casual and will draw information out of the other person.

3.blind date chat topic grasp
If you really don’t know what to talk about with a blind date girl, you can start with her interests and hobbies. A lot of people have the habit of sending moments, especially young people like to share their life, work and entertainment. For relative strangers, observing a blind date girl’s circle of friends is the quickest way to learn about her interests and hobbies. chat skills
Generally speaking, when chatting with a blind date girl on wechat, it’s best not to talk too much and stick to meeting and chatting in person if you can. Keep in mind that expanding the conversation doesn’t make a girl emotional. Only by digging deep into topics and creating intersections can you create emotional resonance, such as your hometown, the attractions there, the childhood experiences there, the food there.
When dating a blind date girl, it’s best to say something vague, such as: The latest XX movie has a high rating, I want to go to see if I want to join a group. Even if they say no, it won’t be awkward.

And blind date live Wechat chat skills tens of thousands of you are introduced here, I hope the next blind date can chat with girls oh!