How to chat with the girl you like without embarrassment? Be careful to avoid 8 minefields

Many guys want to chat happily with the girls they like, but the reality is often unsatisfactory. When they meet the girls they like, they can’t help but be nervous and don’t know what to say, so the opportunity to express themselves is wasted. How to talk with the girl you like without embarrassment? Be careful to avoid 8 minefields.

1. Nervous and unsure of yourself
In fact, whether you are talking to the girl you like or not, confidence is the first thing. While some boys can chat with their friends easily and naturally, but in front of the girls they like, they are weak. This only shows that what you lack is not the way to chat, but the lack of confidence to communicate with the girl you like, because you care too much about the girl’s opinion but dare not speak.
2. I haven’t learned systematic chat methods
Chatting with girls is also pay attention to methods, if you chat no sense of rhythm at all, the words are not good, or talk about some girls are not interested in the topic, and girls chat for a long time and talk non-stop…… Girls don’t want to talk to you. So before talking to girls, it is necessary to study properly and systematically.
3. Lack of social experience
Even if you have learned a lot of chat skills and girls, there is still a big difference between theory and practice, you learn more and girls chat skills, but do not often use, meet their favorite girls still stuck, or useless. So usually drink more girls chat contact, then you can naturally talk with their favorite girls.
4. You say the wrong thing, silence, and the topic ends
No matter how good a conversation you have with a girl, there may be awkward situations where you say the wrong thing, freeze up, or end the conversation. This is when you need to test your ability to improvise. Learn to change the subject subtly, make fun of yourself, and don’t stay in awkward situations for too long.

5. Don’t know what to talk about
If you are a knowledgeable person, then you can follow what the girl said, chat naturally no problem. So, usually nothing to read more books, pay attention to the current hot issues, when you meet the girl you like to talk.
6. You speak weakly
A man should speak like a man. If you speak like a man, a woman will look down on you. Here are two ways to improve your aura:
(1) Exercise to improve your energy
(2) Contact more outgoing, confident and inclusive people, and gradually become more confident
7. Cumbersome and illogical expression
When chatting with the girl you like, be sure to think clearly, have your own perspective, and speak succinctly.
8. You lack a sense of humor
You have to have a sense of humor, to make a girl laugh, she will find it interesting to talk to you, will be happy to talk to you. So read more jokes and develop a sense of humor.