Schoolgirl said how to make friends to recover? If you don’t want to be friends with a girl

If you get up the courage to go after the girl you like, not only did you not receive the effect you imagined, the girl did not agree to be your girlfriend, but said to you “let’s be friends”. What to do in this case? Schoolgirl said how to make friends to recover? Do this if you don’t want to be friends with a girl! have to be attractive to girls
Girls like too many guys, but honest guys, especially straight guys, girls don’t like because there’s nothing about you that appeals to girls. Want a girl to like you, sometimes really simple, have one or two bright spots, can attract girls. For example, you are a good conversationist. You always make her happy.

2.don’t give up yet
When a guy meets a girl he likes, it’s easy to shrink back because of a little setback, such as the girl said to be friends. A lot of guys think they don’t have a chance. In fact, the girl said to be friends when they just met may not want you to develop too fast, want to be friends with you first, two people want to know more, then she will decide whether to contact with you. So sometimes don’t give up, but create the opportunity to continue the connection with the girl, your love story may happen later.

3. slowly warm the girl’s heart
Since the girl said to be friends, the friends can also continue to contact, continue to get along with ah. You can by making friends with girls, try to understand the girls’ living habits, learning, time arrangement, hobbies, also understand the girls do not want to eat, even her aunt period, and then arrange some things in advance, so the girls will think you are a warm boy, from these little things, slowly warm girls’ hearts, so that the relationship between you will be closer and closer, The emotional base gets better and better.

In fact, in the relationship between men and women, the most important thing is to be confident! If you’re confident enough, don’t worry about any problems, because a confident person will shine! That’s glamour! Irreplaceable charm! The charm of attracting the opposite sex! Not only your temperament, but also your personality charm!