What does the woman mean by flattered? Good or bad

If you like a woman more to her, or to a woman, this time the woman is not happy to accept, but to say to you flattered, that woman this is what attitude? What does the woman mean when she says she is flattered?

1. Women feel inferior in front of the person they like
Some women in the face of their favorite male god will actually be very inferior, think they are not worthy of male God, so they just secretly like it. But when a man shows him a little kindness, it’s enough to make a woman feel flattered, as in this example:
@Anonymous user: I was attracted to the male God when I first met him. He looks like a sunny boy with a textbook sports style and always smiles on his face. When I talked to him for the first time, I was impressed by his rich experience and full of interest in his major. However, after the brief encounter, I never thought of any development with him.

He was six years older than me, had a bright future, tall, handsome, funny, talkative, sweet. He is the most excellent boy I have ever met. Naturally, I dare not have unreasonable thoughts about him. How to think is a person of two worlds, even the slightest intersection will not have. But the male god was kind to me. Talking to him, I realized he had so many great qualities, a love of sports, curiosity, and an interest in my professional knowledge, which I rambled on about.
I still don’t know if it was just a well-practiced way for him to pick up girls. But for me, it would be a great honor to be seen by him. So when he said lightly, often come to me to play, I excited do not know what back to him, froze him for half an hour. So when he said we should go next time, I had a sweet smirk on my face and said yes.

I kind of know what boys do, and I don’t appreciate it. But I was flattered that he was willing to set me up.
2. The woman hasn’t thought it through
If you are to tell the girl, the woman just back a “thank you! Flattered!” So her sentence has two meanings:
Thank you, thank you for liking her, surprised that you like her, surprised that she can change you, but mostly she feels flattered and overwhelmed. I probably don’t know whether to say no or accept.
PS: Since women haven’t rejected you outright, prove that you still have a chance. And the woman if the response is very euphemistic, it is best that you just euphemistic ask, if she also likes you, again euphemistic will be direct. After all, she’s afraid of losing someone she likes.
Summary: The woman said flattered is a neutral word, no good or bad to say, the most important thing is your next development card!