Schoolgirl shield schoolboy reason analysis, where is the problem to be shielded

Question consultation:

A few days ago on the bus, I met a little sister, who looks very much in line with my aesthetic taste. Even wearing a mask, I can see that she is a very beautiful person. Summon up the courage to add her wechat, thinking that later can contact, no matter how can see her circle of friends can also be.
And I kept thinking about her because she made such an impression on me that I painted her. Then I sent the picture to my little sister, saying it was of her, but she never replied. When I went back a day later to ask her what she thought of my painting, I found out that I had been blocked. I know maybe I can’t draw that well. But isn’t it rude to just block me? Is there a reason why girls block boys, so I can die a little clearer?

Thank God you drew a picture for her, or you would have forgotten to screen you. In fact, girls shield you, with what you draw really doesn’t matter, at the beginning is doomed to the end. Because you’re not handsome enough, and girls haven’t liked you since the beginning. Give you wechat just don’t want you to delay her time, simply to give then find a time to screen and delete you.
Oh, great. I forgot you were thinking about her. I’m not interested in you and I just delete it. I don’t even need to give you a reason. Just because you’re not good-looking enough for her. If you look at another person, Peng Yuyan, Daniel Wu, Edison Chen ask her wechat have to wait, will be directly excited to piss out.
The problem is the people, not the pictures you draw.
Maybe some guys will say that since they don’t like me when they hit on me, why don’t they just say no? That’s because I’m afraid you’ll be too embarrassed to say no, and then I’ll agree to add friends and see if there’s anything I can do for you.
As a result, turn over the circle of friends is like that, the girl will be too lazy to talk to you, at the beginning of you a little curiosity, then chat a few words can answer. You said that there has been no chat that should have been deleted, and finally sent a picture she found you are still silently concerned about her, on the screen deleted.

You might say — ah, why is she so mean?
Ah, doesn’t she have any sense of beauty?
Oh, is she so disrespectful and impolite?
Then let me tell you the heart-breaking truth — people, only respect the people they like.
When you are a handsome man in her eyes: wow, such a beautiful painting good worship oh ~, brother so fierce ~, wow, so talented ~, my shy ~
When you are a dirtbag in her eyes: well, what happened, what did you do, not a word screen delete, you who?
Is it not to extract value from you, is it not to use you to her advantage? Since it is impossible to fall in love to the emotional side of the development, then you have to use ah, see if you can help me like, help me cut. She only cares about herself. People are selfish.
But is that the end of it? Of course not. This is still a clear know the advance and retreat of the girl, if a little scheming random brush tricks hanging you like to play. They are adept at balancing ambiguity with availability, leading you to invest, spend money on gifts and worry, but not give you results.
See a little hope, don’t give you hope; See a little despair, give you some hope. Encounter directly delete the shield of girls, in fact, it is not pit you, celebrate a wave did not be played.

Here’s a final secret for you:
Just add wechat, the beginning of the cold to you, is not interested in you this person. You’re not interested in anything else. The first glance is not interested in, it is difficult to love again. Then whatever you do may be the reason for her to pass you, the problem is not you, is that she does not like enough. She doesn’t like it. You don’t like anything. Not to mention painting, your words can also be a reason for rejection.