Strong woman character analysis? How to chase a strong woman

Nowadays, people advocate equality between men and women, and more and more women participate in social life. If a woman wants to make a difference in her work or life, she has to make a lot of efforts, and more and more strong women are born. So what if you like a pushy woman? The following is for everyone to analyze the strong woman character analysis? How to chase a strong woman.

First, strong female character characteristics
1. Have your own opinion and perspective on things, and have a relatively clear standard for your future and boyfriend.
2. Have certain economic ability, and have the pursuit of career. Which means she can afford to be strong.
3. Have a certain desire to control, to put it bluntly, “love to be in charge, love to worry, can’t stay idle”. Have a hand in everything big and small around the house.
Two, how to chase a strong woman
1, strong women also have weak time
This strong woman is usually very independent, and a little insecure, most of the time, you only see her strong appearance, but do not know that she may be pretending to be strong, when alone I do not know how many times secretly cry. And a strong woman is not the beginning to be strong, but she did not learn to act in pettish and show weakness in the process of growing up, accustomed to rely on their own, accustomed to a person’s life.
If you really like a strong woman, and she does not dislike you, then please be patient and get along with her, meet problems in time to take the initiative to communicate, do not cold cold violence. Otherwise a strong woman will be colder than you, the door of the heart is tighter. Don’t believe her said “I’m okay, I’m fine, you busy your don’t worry about me” this kind of words, strong woman just don’t want to give you trouble, don’t want to be haggling over every penny.
In the face of such a strong woman, as long as you really put her at ease, and other heterosexual ambiguous chat SAO, busy time to tell her in advance, do not play without reason missing, two people have conflicting opinions do not easily angry, talk to her most reasonable. Because the strong woman will not be unreasonable, not to do, but to speak in fact, how you treat her, she will return to you with the same feelings.

2. Work with her to improve
Many people take it for granted that strong women care more about each other’s economic power and social status. In fact, on the contrary, women who already have these things, but not to force these. Only those girls who don’t have a life of their own and treat their boyfriends like the whole world are addicted to luxuries and haggling over the cost of food.
In fact, when you are with a girl who is proud and ambitious, she will support you to improve yourself, to learn new skills, to meet new people, to see the wider world. Since she has also come from this road, you have more common pursuits and topics.
In fact, when a relationship goes to a deeper level, it is not only a matter of appearance and economy, it will become an appreciation of each other’s personality, beyond the level of male and female lovers. And a strong woman is independent, excellent and smart, will let you respect her, the deeper the love. If you date a strong woman, it’s easier to get into this level, but if you’re not good enough, you don’t have a chance to get involved with her, you’ll get passed over.