Talking to a girl and she says well, how do you answer?

In the chat, the girl back to you “um”, is actually a very normal thing, not necessarily in the perfunctory you, so just change the topic can let the chat continue. When you talk to a girl, she says well, how do you answer?

1. The girl is busy
If the girl’s response has been good, but only once in a while, well, the attitude is obviously cold. The most likely reason is that the girl is busy and doesn’t want to respond easily, or the person is feeling down and doesn’t want to talk.
In this case, you can ask the girl if she is busy or unhappy. If the other person is unwilling to disclose the reason, suggest ending the conversation. Believe that when you are upset, you do not like to be disturbed or questioned by others. Say, “I’m feeling a little down today.”
2. Girls get defensive about you and say yes
Just plus girls, the two sides still have a certain gap, girls at this time you still have alert psychology, reply perfunctory is also very normal. The most important thing at this point is to break the ice and bypass the strangeness. You can say to her, “A girl looks good with her clothes. She looks like she ran out of a fairy tale book.”
3. The girl says yes because she doesn’t want to talk to you
It is normal for girls to reply with “oh, HMM” occasionally. But if the girl often reply “oh, um”, basically is in you, is not interested in you as a person. Girls are not interested in your guy, it doesn’t matter what topic you’re talking about.
In this situation, the best solution is to show value, which can generate attraction and change a girl’s attitude. If you can’t demonstrate value or attract girls, it’s time for self-improvement.

4. The woman answered yes because she couldn’t follow the topic
If the girl’s overall response attitude is good, just occasionally back to a well, the probability is not to catch up with your topic, or not interested in your topic. Girls reply “oh, um” is actually a kind of ending language, because after the issue is equal to the previous topic is broken, oh = um =ok= OK = I know. In most cases, when a girl replies with “HMM,” she wants to end the subject.
In this case, being a guy needs to provide a conversation topic and change the topic to something more novel that the girl is interested in. Can return to her: “long handsome just back from sports, long beauty in what.”