The most can talk about the relationship of the 100 topics, after girls must talk about

For many guys, the hardest part is the initial chat. They don’t know what topic to talk about to improve their relationship. After a long chat, it’s difficult to even get a date. The following Xiaobian will share with you 100 of the most able to talk about feelings of the topic, will not chat brothers quickly learn.
The Top 100 Topics for Relationship Conversation

1. Do you like growing flowers?
2. What kind of movies and TV do you like? Why is this TV or movie so memorable for you?
3. What’s the best game you’ve ever played?
4. What’s your favorite flavor of food? Sour, sweet, bitter, hot, salty which taste do you like best?
5. What’s your favorite color?
6. What’s your favorite brand of clothes?
7. What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
8. Do you like to play live cs or Escape Room?
9. Do you like to browse Douyin or Weibo?
10. Do you like to follow gossip?
11. What is your favorite sport?
12. Do you like snacks or snacks?
13. Do you usually use a beauty camera?
14. Do you like swimming?
15. What’s the best music you’ve ever heard?
16. What’s the happiest thing you’ve ever done?
17. Have you ever fought with your best friend?
18. What age would you like to go back to if you could?
The Top 100 Topics for Relationship Conversation 2
19. Do you think Chinese New Year still has the flavor of Chinese New Year?
20. What do you think of the Wang Baoqiang and Ma Rong incident? (Any hot spot in the news will do)
21. What makes you most sad?
22. What kind of people do you hate spending time with?
23. What’s your star sign? Do you usually study horoscopes?
24. Do you believe in fate?
25. It’s okay to be childish and tell them what I like to do.
26. Does he like raising animals? Or what kind of animals they like.
27. The most popular movie right now, you can ask your partner to see it together.
28. Know your partner’s temperament.

29. What are your requirements for food and taste preferences?
30. The understanding of hobbies is also indispensable.
Top 100 Topics for Relationship Conversation 3
31. Look at the requirements of a relationship.
32. Ask him what personality traits he likes.
33. Talk about the most memorable thing about yourself.
34. If you’re a girl who likes to go to the movies, you can use this topic to ask if there are any movies you’d like to see these days.
35. If you are a person who enjoys traveling, you can also think about it and tell me something you have seen and heard during your travels.
36. Most girls have a weakness for good food, so you can use it to get girls’ attention.
37. Girls are more interested in a man who is humorous and daring, so we can also find some interesting topics in advance.
38. It’s okay to talk about things from when you were a kid.

Above is today’s share of the most able to talk about the feelings of the topic, finally remind you, the topic is good only auxiliary, want to catch up with girls, the most important thing is to improve their chatting ability.