What are the characteristics of abdominal black girls? Is the belly black woman worth liking

Some girls seem pure and kind on the surface, harmless, but only you and her contact for a long time you will know that she is actually a belly black girl. Of course, this is not to say that a girl with dark belly is bad, but that if you can know a girl with dark belly in advance, then you will avoid a lot of pits in the process of pursuing her later. The following is for you to analyze the characteristics of abdominal black girls what?

1. The true meaning of belly black
Belly black and scheming bitch is very different, belly black is pit is it, it doesn’t matter, gentleman revenge, ten years is not too late! Belly black people must be very know how to control their own heart, will not let feelings become their weakness, but always very rational, sober.
Abdominal blackness is somewhat similar to:
People slander me, insult me, deceive me, laugh at me, light me, mean me, evil me, lie to me! I will endure you, let you, by you, avoid you, tolerate you, respect you, and ignore you no more. I will see you for a few more years.
1. Be good at hiding your true emotions
A girl with a dark belly may make you think she is a person who likes sex, but she will not let you know what she is really thinking. If she has a goal, she will secretly work hard, until she reaches it, she will not make public, she will be happy in the heart slowly. She can see the people around her, she knows who is really good for her and who is not. To her good people she must be better than he is good to her (silently good), to her bad people she will not make trouble with him, will not frame him, she will use my strength to beat him, prove that he is better.
2. Know what you really want
Black girls belong to the kind of other people think she is straight, angular, brainless silly white sweet, only black girls know who they are! Small things, not worth her to calculate! One of my colleagues tried to use her as a gunman, and she made him think that I did, and then he took her as one of his own. Leaders think she is good and honest, inexperienced, coax a few words can give him when a loyal lackey, and then he really put her when a loyal lackey. Colleagues at the same level, all think that she has no desire not to fight for three days or two about her to eat and drink…… But only the belly black girl knows who she is and what she wants to do. She’s just keeping her wits about her…

3.love to hold grudges silently revenge
Abdominal black girl is one of the biggest special love grudge, you look on the surface of her hee hee ha pure flawless, in fact is a play Yin small expert. If someone Yin she was remembered by her, the abdominal black girl may not have a seizure at that time, endure the past. Karma in the back life is so long, there will be her design of your karma. Every time you embarrass her, she embarrasses you. Of course, revenge is still a good friend. Ha ha, belly black woman as long as the revenge, she will be when nothing happened.
In general, black girls don’t like it when people play dirty with them, because she’s not a pussy. And once you really pay for the belly black girl, then she will not be indifferent, she is such a dare to love dare to hate the existence, worth you to like.