What are the love mistakes? These mistakes should not be stepped on

Love is a process of slow growth, although there are a lot of feelings, but more is the work of the birds fly apart. I’ve heard of all kinds of reasons for breaking up, from lifestyle habits to cheating and even coming out in love. So what are the misunderstandings in love?

1. Being in love with yourself
Many boys will fall into the mistake of self-happy love. They don’t know what their girlfriend likes and cares about, blindly care about blind licking with their eyes closed, licking and breaking up, but also feel how wronged they are going around to talk to people, unaware that their behavior is like giving carrots to tigers and ox sinew to squirrels. You end up with a lot of energy and a lot of talent.
There’s a nightclub downstairs.
Every night at 10:30, there’s gonna be some drunk boy crying on the phone in front of the club. It’s an iron law, three club gems: Warm up, Budweiser, I’m so good to you.
As we all know, the little sister with less cloth is throwing pieces of paper under the griping eyes of the cleaning lady. As we all know, Budweiser is exclusive to the nightclub. A nightclub without Budweiser is definitely not a first-line nightclub, so what is the “I treat you so good” behind? This is the store while talking on the phone while crying boy, crying comparable to the birth of the first, the degree of tear and drink Budweiser is proportional to the size of the warm up sister is inversely proportional.
“Why did you leave me when I was so good to you?”
“Why did you sleep with him when I was so good to you?”
“Why are you so hard-hearted when I’ve been so good to you?”
For God’s sake, Big man, before you go back to reading, could you please find out if what you’re doing is really what she needs?
The reality is often like this, a lot of boys in love for three or four years, even what character do not know each other. Always feel that they have been in pay, pay, mobile phone no password, where to punch the card, as if this is a good man’s standard match, do these girls if break up again, that is the girl’s Wolf, do not know how to cherish promiscuous slag female.
2. Daily Pan Jinlian, per capita Wu Dalang
Males are super possessive creatures, whether it’s staking out territory in nature or falling in love with humans.
Is it wrong to be possessive? No mistake. All human desires are motive forces, and in some respects, it is precisely because of this vigorous desire that economic development and social progress are stimulated. But if these desires go too far, it can be a great disaster.
What happens when you’re too possessive? Suspicion, suspicion will not trust, and the loss of trust is like no watermelon, only bitter skin.
Many brothers in love, will be more or less to suspect the girl, secretly search bags and mobile phone is a daily operation, I have also seen often check the girlfriend’s mobile phone location.
Why are some boys so jealous? It comes down to low confidence. Because not confident, so always worried that his girlfriend will leave him.
So, instead of going around the world doubting, it’s better to spend more time improving yourself, making yourself better and more confident.

3. Life is ritualistic
Is there a girl who doesn’t like ritual? Exist. But more girls care about ritual. That’s why selling diamonds is always so good.
But many brothers always turn their noses up at the sense of ritual, buying necklaces is a waste of money to eat hot pot is not, buy lipstick is a waste of money to buy cigarettes is not, buy flowers is a waste of money to drink is not. For many brothers, these have no real value, all called IQ tax, 520, Tanabata Valentine’s Day are unscrupulous merchants invented promotional means. I have also seen a girlfriend ask him for a birthday gift, he replied to the girl: “The child’s birthday, mother’s Friday.”
Is a sense of ritual important? It’s very important. Behind this represents your attitude towards the other person, you can have little money but you can’t give nothing, no sense of ritual in life is easy to be interpreted by the other person as you are indifferent to her. In the same way, small surprises in life also need to exist.