What are the typical characteristics and performance of slag women? How do you identify a slag?

The heart is made of meat, will hurt. Do not want to be hurt in feelings, we should learn to avoid being hurt by slag girl, today Xiaobian will share with you the performance and typical characteristics of slag girl, and how to identify slag girl.
First, slag female performance and typical characteristics
1. A master of flirtation
A woman received lots of presents on Valentine’s Day. That night, she posted the gift on moments. Many friends wrote admiringly, “Your boyfriend is so nice to you!” And the woman says, “No, just friends.” In fact, they all came from men who were courting her, but she didn’t explicitly say no.
2. Dusty temperament
Slag female bones revealed a gust of wind, particularly heavy, wind is a special unspeakable temperament, is probably, a pair of up is not afraid of the dead pig hot water appearance, hum! “I’ve seen more men than you’ve eaten.”
3. Always taking from you
Usually she doesn’t contact you, but when she does reach out to you, she always asks you for money. She thinks you’re an ATM and she’ll find you when she meets you. A woman like that is a bad girl. This woman likes to hang out with rich people, but will not ignore them once she feels she has no money.
What are the performance and typical characteristics of slag women
4. Take nothing in return
Take what others give for granted, but don’t give it back. When you give to a girl all the time, the girl also deserves to accept, if not slag girl this girl will feel your heart, and respond to you.
Two, how to identify slag girl
1. Just at the object not long began to call husband, call dad, you think the other side is really have a good impression on you, in fact, it is just his habit, in his eyes you are very casual, coax will bring her benefits.
2. Double mark is very obvious, one second in the mouth is still Shouting equal rights between men and women, establish the image of an independent woman, and then a second to men put forward a variety of requirements, and think this is you should, for granted.
3. Material woman, no feelings of cold material woman, such a woman do not figure anything, just figure your money.
4 do not refuse to ambiguous, do not know the safe distance between men and women should have.
5. Debauchery has no bottom line, their life may be full of xing, because they don’t care, just a means to gain profits.
6. Emotionless machines, who value money and profits above everything else.
7. Pushy, self-conscious little princesses who take everyone for granted.
8. They just love it when you’re pissed off after spending your money.
9 people are very men in front of the second small sheep, is simply a real version of the white lotus flower, little bitch, female popularity is also quite poor.
10 slag women around the edge of the opposite sex is generally better than the same sex, because there are still most girls do not look slag women, of course slag women and slag women is absolutely sympathetic.