What does it mean that a girl has a boyfriend and talks to me every day?

Logically, a girl will only talk to the guy she likes every day, but what does it mean if a girl has a boyfriend and she talks to me every day? What should you do with such a girl? The following from a different Angle to give you an analysis of the girls do this psychology.

1. Girls use you as a backup
Some girls have boyfriends, but they want a spare. After all, this is not more than one person care about her, is not beautiful. When her boyfriend is busy and she is not so busy, bored or in need of comfort, she will have someone to comfort and take care of her! Brother, this kind of woman you don’t think about, she will be so to the current, not because the man is not good, because she likes to eat the bowl looking at the pot. Clear your head. If you’re just having fun, go ahead. If you want to pay real love, this kind of people as soon as possible away.
2. Girls just see you as a friend
Some girls themselves are the kind of careless character, calculation has a boyfriend, or will keep in touch with friends of the opposite sex. Maybe she thinks you and she have something in common, maybe she thinks it’s okay to talk more among friends, and her boyfriend trusts her, and she doesn’t think it’s a problem to talk to her friends every day.

I can only say that normal chatting with such a girl is OK, if it is a very regular chat and often related to life or teasing her boyfriend or complaining to you, I feel that maybe the boundary has been raised to male girlfriends, you can control the boundary, normal as it should be, normal friends or good friends are OK.
3. The girl doesn’t really have a boyfriend
Although the girl verbally said that she had a boyfriend, but in fact she does not really have a boyfriend, just at the beginning when you approach her too strong purpose, and casually said that he has a boyfriend to reject you. Let’s just say girls don’t like you at first, that’s why they say it. If the girl you like talks with you every day, even if you have a girlfriend, you are not willing to say that you have ah, the girl is the same, on the surface chat is friendly, don’t take it as a good, you are almost an ordinary person in her heart, she will not be too sad when you leave.
I suggest you just shift your focus, don’t be such an idiot, find other girls, learn something you like, or strive to improve your life. Any girl who tells you they have a girlfriend is not worth mentioning.