What if a girl ignores you? Girls ignore your coping strategies

Whether in the process of chasing girls or falling in love, we will always come across the situation that girls ignore others. In this case, most brothers will be very worried and don’t know what to do. Small face Xiaobian to share some girls ignore you to cope with it.

1. Ignoring you after an argument
The most common girl ignore you, is in the two sides after the dispute, contradiction. Girls obviously have feelings for you, deliberately against each other, deliberately ignore you.
When it comes to conflict, do not engage in emotional confrontation with her or reason with her, but prioritize her emotions. Learn to empathize, switch sides, and don’t let the conflict escalate.
What to do:
If not the principle of the problem caused by the contradiction, the initiative to coax a coax, generally soon can be solved. Really don’t listen to coax, then slow down, wait until she calm down to coax. If it is a matter of violation of principle, be sure to sincerely admit your mistake, apologize, remind her of your heart, spent a good time together, to fight for.
2. A girl you just met doesn’t talk to you
A lot of guys find themselves meeting a girl and the conversation doesn’t go anywhere. She doesn’t want to engage in the conversation. This means that the ice hasn’t been broken yet, and the girl doesn’t have the basic trust in you to know what you’re attracted to.
There are many reasons why this can happen. Some of them are because your basic attraction is insufficient. Girls have already rejected you by your appearance or photos. In other cases, the initial conversation is so bad that women are not interested in you.
What to do:
If it’s the former, it means you can’t match her and you need to improve your image or photo before you try. If it’s the latter, you need to master some newspeak, keep trying to break the ice, and try to get girls interested.

3. Suddenly ignoring you while chatting
If a girl has been with you for a while and has rejected you, she basically doesn’t like you or like you.
A lot of guys are like, you know, you were talking to a girl, and then suddenly she doesn’t talk to you. It was a good conversation, which means the girl was still giving you a chance, still feeling your attraction. When she suddenly ignores you, it means she doesn’t like you in the end, or when she has a better option, she just ignores you and makes you quit.
What to do:
Girls don’t like your guy, and it’s hard to change that, even if you try. She has rejected you as a person, and you as a person will not be able to make significant changes in a short period of time.
4. Not satisfying the other person leads to ignoring you
Some of the three views of the wrong girls, will use the boys have a good impression on their own, think of ways to obtain the value of a man. For example, let you send flowers, gifts, and so on, do not obey to deliberately against me, angry with you. If you’re not actually boyfriend and girlfriend, cut your losses.
This kind of girl probability and you do not want to get along well, as long as the girls talk to you about the conditions, do not meet her deliberately snubbed you, basically are ulterior motives of the woman, must be timely stop losses.