What is the meaning of girl friend circle suddenly shield you?

When you add a girl’s wechat, because some things delayed, did not find a girl to chat in time, just open her circle of friends to look at the first to busy things. When you are free, you open the girl’s moments, ready to find some common topics to talk with her, only to find that you can’t read the girl’s moments. What’s going on here? What is the meaning of girl friend circle suddenly shield you?
1. Girls are a little insecure
Both men and women want to look their best when they meet someone they like. Even if you are a girl who is aggressive and outgoing, when she meets her male god, she will instantly become a gentle and lovely little princess. Since the girl added your wechat, it means that she gave you a micro signal that moment is good for you, at least she does not exclude you. But if she is willing to add your wechat, but suddenly block you in moments, it may be because she is not ready for the content of moments, her moments status shows some no style and taste of life, do not want you to see. If a girl doesn’t like you, she doesn’t care if you don’t see your friends.
2. Girls want to hide information
Girl friend circle suddenly block you may be her circle of friends inside do not want you to know the information, such as she is married, has a boyfriend, the nature of her work…… He doesn’t want you to know any of this. Why didn’t you want to know? Obviously, some things can only work if you are single. If you find out this information about a girl, you may stop talking to her. This is the end that she does not want to see, so she first blocks you in the moments and keeps you mysterious.
3. Girls are defensive about you
A lot of girls don’t like strangers to see their circle of friends, because there are a lot of information about her real life in her circle of friends, she and you are not familiar with before do not want to let you know more about her, she is also afraid of what you are a liar, steal her information, pictures and so on. That’s why girls block you in moments from the beginning, not letting you see any of her information. If this happens, gain the girl’s trust from the beginning so she won’t block you.
4. Girls aren’t interested in you
Maybe you start to add girls wechat when she did not want to add, but can not stand your sincerity and enthusiasm, girls finally give you wechat signal, add your wechat. Although you temporarily added the girl wechat, but the girl is under pressure to add, she is not interested in you at all, also do not want you to know too much about her, so the girl does not want you to see her circle of friends, so as not to be involved with you. However, if your conversation is interesting and continues to attract girls, she will get to know you again and take a second look at you. Remove the mask.
5. Girls use you as a backup
This is an interesting situation. Although a girl likes you, she blocks you from her moments because she doesn’t want to be a lover or fall in love with you. You will find that chatting with you is also very active, but will not show you the moments. If you want to take it any further, she’ll delete you immediately. Right now, you’re just a backup.
The above is when you just add wechat, girls suddenly shield you. If you and the girl has begun to familiar with her suddenly shield you, that may be you offend her, or make her angry, coax good on the line