What kind of girl is not suitable for dating? These are definitely not acceptable

Many boys only look at the level of appearance, without considering other circumstances of each other, do not consider each other in the end is suitable for love. The following Xiaobian to tell you is to fall in love what kind of girl is determined not to.

1. Mama’s girl
Some girls rely too much on their parents and follow their parents’ advice on everything. Even if such a girl is married, she still turns her elbow out. Without your own independent thinking, you will never be as close to her as she is to her own family, and she will still respect her parents. You go back to your parents’ house, and your world is heavily interfered with by your parents. Even if you suffer in her home, she will not side with you.
2. Excessive sexual jealousy
Sexual jealousy is commonly known as “jealous”, people who are easily jealous are usually possessive. A smile or a look from you to another member of the opposite sex could cause a storm. She will not listen to your explanation, obviously she overinterpreted, the result is often after the quarrel you take the initiative to coax, think about it.
She will control your social interactions, keep you away from other members of the opposite sex, and even sneak through your phone chats. Check your phone records. It’s like a sick mind, constantly charging you with bogus charges. Break up often and, in extreme cases, threaten death.

3. Pastoral feminism
In recent years, women have strong demands for equal rights. Xiaobian supports equal rights very much, but definitely does not support “privilege”. And what rural feminists want is privilege. The typical characteristic is to enjoy the rights but not fulfill the obligations.
In their view:
Washing clothes, cooking and doing housework is slavery to women. They need to be cared for like swans. Women should do housework (men doing housework is not slavery). You propose to pay the mortgage together, she also said that women’s physical strength is not born as men, money such things, you are a man is all your responsibility (oh, now can’t make money); You asked her why she wanted the gift money, and she said that my mother raised me so much is not easy, must give something back to the elder (as if men do not need to raise from childhood).
In short, this kind of woman will enjoy only the rights, not the obligations. It pains you to think of such a girlfriend.
4. Gold digger
This kind of girl has a very strong desire for money, they need money to maintain their luxurious life and beauty. They clearly do not like a boy, but use a variety of methods to love as a reason to cheat men’s investment. These women, they love no one but themselves. For money, she doesn’t care about her reputation. She doesn’t care if it’s true love.