Will the woman who takes you as a spare tire sleep with you?

To love the woman, the other side is just you as a spare tire training, something to find you, nothing never take the initiative to contact, in fact, it doesn’t matter, a lot of boys chasing girls is nothing more than seeing the uprising, that you when the spare woman will sleep with you?
One, you when the spare woman will sleep with you

In general, whether a girl will sleep with a spare or not depends on how she thinks.

1. You sleep with your spare tire
Some girls will sleep with the spare tire, because they only use the spare tire as a tool to draw on materials. The reason why they will sleep with the spare tire is to stabilize the wavering psychology of the spare tire and fear that their materials and relaxation tools will leave her.
2. You don’t sleep with your spare
The ideal for women who don’t sleep with their spare tire is to feel that they have lowered their status by sleeping with their spare tire.
Two, women take you as a spare

1. Your messages are rarely answered on time
Girls love a person and take you as a spare tire performance is very obvious, if a woman really care about you, will not miss any of your messages, and your message is basically seconds back, even will you send the content as reading comprehension. But if a woman is using you as a backup, she’ll be less likely to respond to your messages on time.

2. Not answering your questions positively
In the feelings, if the other person is true to you, then surely they will be honest with each other, will take the initiative to tell you how they feel about you, if a woman for your feelings is always hiding and avoid answer, will not say whether they like you or not like you, just like hanging your appetite, did not give you a precise answer, It’s often the case that women use you as a backup.
3. They don’t introduce you to their friends
Once the relationship between the normal couple is established, most of them will show love in the circle of friends, but if the girl only takes you as an object to play, put you as to kill time, even if you live with each other how sweet, but still is a spare, because the girl will never make you public, you are like a pair of underground lovers.